Our Clients

The key IT challenge in today's world is to remain practical while being visionary.  Well Connected World  has assisted clients of many industries, sizes and clutures to overcome their technical barriers, leading to streamlined, simplified or progressive advances in their business operations and profitability.  We help our clients to get the basics right - availability, performance & cost - by acting as a problem solver, integrator and motivator - and at the same time working together as business enabliers.


While each company and industry has its own special requirements and attributes, the following are some of the key challenges faced by our clients:

  • Increasing awareness of IT as a competitive advantage. In recent years, enterprises have requested their IT departments to increase external focus on customers, new products/services, new geographies and business processes.  As a result, business expectations for IT have often outstripped the company’s internal capabilities.

  • The need to rapidly update infrastructure while at the same time reducing costs.

  • Desire to make better use of the masses of data being accumulated by the business to help make more informed decisions.

  • Concerns about IT security and risk management, with the inherent and increasing threats to disrupt ongoing business operations. Need for disaster recovery strategies and critical support during any unplanned system outages.

  • Getting vendors to own and deliver on their promises.  This has become increasingly difficult as companies implement diverse platforms from multiple suppliers, with the associated “finger pointing” when things go wrong.

  • Confusion over when to update existing applications and when to implement new ones.  From that decision comes the question of whether to buy off-the-shelf software, and if so, which ones, or to develop custom software.

  • The demand for greater accountability, because business regulators expect data retention at levels which only well managed IT can deliver.

  • The wish to establish “good practice” in IT management, which allows businesses to make effective use of IT while minimising costs and reducing business risk.

"...Our partners specialise in looking after clients with these requirements..."

Industries Supported:
 - Retail
 - Distribution
 - Manufacturing
 - Health Care/Aged Care
 - Not for Profit
 - Hospitality
 - Accounting/Financial Services
 - Transportation
 - Promotions/Advertising
 - Design
 - Education
 - Mining/Engineering, etc.
Department Functions Supported:
 - Administration/Accounts
 - Marketing/Planning
 - Operations/Shop-floor/Manufacturing
 - Warehousing
 - IT Development
 - IT Administration/User Support
 - Training/Human Resources
 - Executive Management
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