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What are the main differences between the Well Connected World business model and a traditional IT Services company?

We like to compare the Well Connected World model to an independent supermarket.  In a traditional IT relationship, the clients are either tied to one supplier who will only offer services which they are skilled to provide, or the client is forced to juggle a collection of different suppliers (as well as internal resources) with unclear lines of responsibility, a high degree of stressful 'finger-pointing' as well as other political delays. This often misses the mark of the true client requirements, with clients and IT suppliers being forced to arrive at a compromised solution, guided by the supplier's skillset and the client's overall tolerance level. 


At Well Connected World, we operate like the supermarket manager - ensuring each client has their choice of quality local products and services, available when they need them, with minimal political delays and the best possible price.  We also help clients to look ahead strategically to ensure the right mix of IT products and plans are in their "pantry" when and where required.


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To become a client, do we have to subscribe to the whole suite of Well Connected World services?

No - all products and services are available independently or via a cusomised suite packaged specifically to suit individual client business requirements.  The beauty of the Well Connected World model lies in the flexibility available to clients.  Each client's portfolio of Well Connected World Services varies, depending on their internal resourcing, ongoing IT vendor relationships, development requirements and overall business plans.  Some of our clients use the partnership model for development projects exclusively, others mix ad-hoc support with server maintenance and there is also the option of an overall virtual IT environment provided on a user basis to clients.  Like the products on the supermarket shelves, everything can be packaged and combined as directed by individual client business requirements.


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With so many partners, how do I get in touch with the most appropriate person at Well Connected World?

Contacting Well Connected World is easy - Just call 1300 883 623 within Australia.  You will then be directed to our tech support helpdesk, project staff, sales, partner support or accounts as required.  All calls will also be logged at this point via our helpdesk system and given a job number as required.  Alternatively, the following email addresses are also monitored regularly and will be logged in the helpdesk system and attended to promptly:




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Where does Well Connected World operate?

At the moment, Well Connected World predominantly operates in South Australia for local maintenance and 24x7 support, and nationally for all project work.  Saying this, however, we have developed strong local partner relationships in many other states, and as a result Well Connected World is poised for future growth.  Because our partnership model was developed with an international management focus, while relying and building on the strength and cultual/political understanding of local partners, Well Connected World is also setup to allow stress-free management of clients with a national focus.


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"...The reason that this model works so well is that clear boundaries are established between partners, with the Well Connected World Liaison Manager being the orchestrator..."

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