The variety and quality of services offered by Well Connected World  really set us apart from others in the industry, both through our direct staff and liaison managers and via our partners.

Technical Evaluation

The starting point to all of our client relationships is a formal technical evaluation.  The scope of this evaluation will vary, depending on the organisation - some evaluations only involve a technical audit of one component of a client's infrastructure (eg. a mail server or network), while others have a more strategic focus and cover the overall inter-relationship between staff, technology and external business relationships.  In all cases, this evaluation becomes an active management tool for our clients and is used as a guide for further optimisation.  While these audits can be performed as a 'once-off' checkpoint, we also regularly re-evaluate all current clients on an annual basis - the result being a formal strategic report.

IT Management

For clients without extensive internal IT staffing, Well Connected World can manage your technical environment.  We can look after your complete infrastructure (including network, admin & core business servers and PCs/user devices) or selected individual components.  Paramount to our approach is a focus on regular, preventative maintenance, which minimises the need for 'panic-based' support.  When technical support is required, however, our helpdesk is available 24x7.  We also pride ourselves on maintaining the elements of your IT resources that often get overlooked - things like licensing compliance, IT cost management, budgeting and IT capacity planning.  These are the tasks that set the Well Connected World model apart from the rest in the industry.

24 x 7 Support

Many clients choose to combine a Well Connected World IT maintenance contract with our on-demand 24x7 support and helpdesk services.  Both telephone (via our 1300 number) and email-based technical support are available as required, with the prioritisation and engineering support levels required by your organisation.  We also allow a 'simple-fix' grace period before any time is charged.  Updates are communicated regularly, depending on the call priority and we have formal escalation procedures in case the issues at hand require diverse skillsets or a second opinion.  The status and/or resolution of all support calls are available in a monthly report for client analysis and discussion.


As mentioned above, every client relationship at Well Connected World begins with a technical evaluation that forms the foundation of all further client work.  This evalutation usually identifies opportunities for improvement, for which individual projects are created and detailed scoping is completed. All projects managed by  Well Connected World include expected tangible benefits, a definite time frame, and a realistic cost estimate. Project examples include (but are not limited to): 

  • IT platform stabilisation or upgrade (hardware, software and/or network)

  • Network optimisation, load-balancing and security analysis

  • Application development and system integration.

  • IT consolidations

  • User and System Administrator Training

  • Pragmatic implementation of new user applications (eg. office automation tools, document management, business/accounting software, etc.)

  • Growth & capacity planning

  • Disaster recovery planning and implementation

  • IT strategic planning, resourcing and auditing

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